Copywriting is more than just script writing for the internet. It is  high performance scripts that increase sales.

This method integrates the Honest Persuasion System. Its a precisely engineered expertly drafted that are fool proof. It will shift your marketing efforts for the better.

Approaching marketing in a completely different and unique manner. You will be shocked about its effectiveness.

Here’s why its backed by Honest Persuasion System.

You gather intelligence and weigh the clients action threshold.

I was challenged and had difficulty writing effective sales letter that I could drive traffic too and have it convert.

What is copywriting?

A scientific method for persuading prospects to make a specific action and hopefully purchases.

I couldn’t do it and I went through every seminar and book. I thought it was what I needed to be a print master.

No matter what i did my online marketing technique like creating sales funnels and email marketing were non effective.

Until what i did was take a look at a sales letter

Before the internet it was all direct physical mailed paper packages that were sent to get prospects to fill out survey, questionnaire, or credit card info for a product.

What would happen after a package was sent out and people would take the action, it would become the control and copywriters would try to bet the control by changing the headline or some persuasive aspect of the control or some part of the sales letter.

The secret to copywriting the most effective way to go is going to your business and your client and listen to the sales team. Listen to the top salesmen find the guy that is ruling the showroom and record them. This will be the most successful sales letter crafted from the sales conversation.

Copywriting is salesmanship, from open to close in print. It delivers a message to the market. The greatest copy can easily be presented and digested by prospect meaning its relatable.

To be confident before running your test you need to follow this system.

What are the hidden elements to copywriting.

Build rapport with your guided language patterns you print. You are speaking from one to many. The honest persuasion system in the most powerful marketing method that will convert your buyers. You build trust in your product, company, and sales people. With the honest persuasion system you are taking control of the sale.

The sale has an open and a close. How near the buyer is to buying is his weight that we must measure. There are boundaries in human interaction with sales; people do not want to be sized up but you must stick to it and learn as much from the buyer as possible. Drive the buyer to the scale to read their weight do not deviate. This system will empower you to sell to buyers, you will smash your goals. Never pressure a client to purchase something they should not, just because you can does not mean you should.

The one thing you can not do is close a sale without successfully in great detail making the buyer love your product, ensure you connect with the buyer and they see you care, they trust you and they believe and trust in your company. You must ooze creditability. You must motivate the person to become a buyer with bringing value to their life.  You must earn the right to ask for the sale.

Your goal is to tip the buyers scale to where the positives outweigh the negatives.

Before you write a single word you must research! You must know exactly who your audience is! Create a fictional character that fits the mold of a perfect customer.Find three biggest pain points and then the magic answer to those problems.

Next write down the three must likely objections brought up by buyer when presented with offer. Here is  the formula to an effective sales letter that converts like bees to honey.

Step one Features, what the product consists of, distinctive from benefits

Step two benefits, ask your self so what, why is that possibly a benefit to the buyer. What that means to my buyer is .. that’s how you convert a feature to a benefit

Step three Story, a story illicits emotion from buyer to drive them down to the scale. The story can not further from the sale. The story needs to further the sale. That story needs to be used as a vehicle to move the buyer down the sale and control the sale. If done correctly the added impact of being pushed forward in the sale is immense and thought provoking and they like and trust your business. Outline of the story starts with the problem in part 1, part two is why the problem can never be solved, part three your magic solution, part four the results of your solution to the problem

Step four summary with all these great elements its a possibility the buyer forgets certain details of the sales letter. Its a perfect time to remind them with key points.

Step five Headline, you must remember its a sale. how do you start a phone call or conversation. Those three seconds are your headline. Not always you need to establish your authority but when you do you must establish your sharp as tack, enthusiastic, and an expert in the field or the company itself is an expert in what they do. Take a look at some of the highest converting headlines for inspiration. See whats trending and get some great ideas that get everyone excited and interested. The only way to do this is to craft headlines that have been proven to get attention over and over again. Headlines change with time. Headlines are more of an art than a specific science. Its a possibility a headline that worked before wont work now.

Step six call to action. The close of the sale after all other elements have been satisfied, ask for the order! If you do not ask for something you wont get anything from it. There must be a call to action in every sales situation.

Becoming a great copywriter takes patience. Practice by rewriting some effective piece of copy in your industry.

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